SEOQuake Abbreviations and Definitions

Using SEOQuake as a Chrome add-on for SEO research and keyword research is quick and simple. I use it all the time, and I love the answers it gives me as I’m researching a site’s SEO status. But how do you understand the SEOQuake abbreviations? There are so many, and not all are obvious.

In some cases, you may think you know what the abbreviations are, but you’re not exactly sure how SEOQuake applies them in each instance.

For example, does the Trust Score apply to the specific page or the entire site? (It applies to the entire site.) Or, does the age descriptor apply to the page or site? (It applies to the page.) Also, where does SEOQuake get its data from? (The answer, in most cases, is SEMRush.)

SEOQuake Abbreviations and What They Mean (Infographic)

Because it can get a little complicated, I made a quick-start guide for the SEOQuake abbreviations you encounter during a Google search. I hope it helps you in your SEO research adventures. It has certainly made my SEO research easier.

SEOQuake Abbreviations Infographic - What the SEO Quake abbreviations mean or stand for
Infographic showing SEOquake search display and explaining SEOQuake abbreviations

SEOQuake Abbreviations List and Definitions / Glossary of SEOQuake Google Search Display Abbreviations

If you prefer text, I also made the following SEOQuake definitions / abbreviations list that may help you when using SEOQuake:

A Rank: Alexa Ranking for this site (the Alexa ranking is considered to be more sensitive than PageRank); 1 is the best

Adv Disp Ads: Stands for Advertising Display Ads, or the number of display ads the website has

Age: Approximate age of site, taken from the first date on which found the site

Ave Visit: Average visit length, or the average amount of time a visitor stays on the site

Bing Indicator: The number of pages Bing has indexed for the site

Bounce Rate: The page’s bounce rate according to SEMRush

DS: Domain Strength as determined by SEMRush based on quality and number of backlinks (a score of 100 is best)

Info: Hover over the Info button (an “i” in a circle) to view SEOQuake’s current definition of two abbreviations

LD: Links Domain, or the number of backlinks SEMRush found for the entire domain

Link: The amount of backlinks SEMRush found for this particular page

Pages/Visit: The average number of pages a visitor views before leaving the site

Pub Disp Ads: Published Display ads, or the number of domains that are publishing this site’s display ads

Rank: The complete rank based on unique visitors

Source: Click on this link to view the site’s source code

TS: Trust Score, or the perceived trustworthiness of a page, based on the number of trustworthy backlinks

Visits: The number of visits per month the website receives

Whois: Clickable link to view the whois data for this site (who is listed as the site owner)

How to Get SEOQuake

If you haven’t started using SEOQuake, I highly recommend it. It has become one of my favorite SEO tools. You can get it for free as a Google Chrome add-on. Check out SEOQuake here.