Personal Branding

What made you want to read about personal branding?  That’s an often overlooked important question for the subject of personal branding.  Why? Because while learning about personal branding is all the rage, rarely do you see any focus or discussion around the most important starting point:  why do you care and what are you striving to accomplish?

Your goal may be different than someone else’s, and it’s essential to define what you’re after.  Are you trying to get a raise or promotion?  Are you trying to get a better job (or just any job in this economy)? Are you trying to succeed in the arts or other areas that require strong personal branding?  Are you trying to get more press?

Once you know what you are trying to accomplish, you can move on to the next step, an often forgotten crucial detail:  who is your audience?

If you are trying to get a job, your audience is different (usually) than if you are trying to make it as a rap artist.  Often people hop into their branding initiative without taking a good hard look at who their audience SHOULD be, so they just do spammy branding with no focus.

No focus often translates into no effect when it comes to almost anything.  So, choose your goal, choose your audience, and then get to the rest of the branding process.  We can go through the major steps of personal branding strategy and give you a checklist to ensure no detail is missed and you get the strongest brand possible. Contact us now and get your personal brand on top.

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