Mitt Romney’s Personal Branding

mitt romney branding

I always feel bad for politicians.  I mean, I don’t know if there is a good, honest politician, but I still feel bad for them.  It must be hard to run for office. What’s worse, though, to a marketing fanatic, is that you can’t control your branding as much as a company can.

Since politics is heavily reported on, you and your personal brand is at the mercy of many, many individuals–most of which probably hate politicians, or at least half of which hate your party–you have to be extremely diligent so others don’t take over your branding campaign against your will.

With that intro, you have to feel bad for Mitt Romney.  Here’s a guy who the media can only define as “Mormon” and who therefore doesn’t get any other soundbites.  Somehow, his people need to find a way to change his brand to his strengths and not his personal religion.

If Romney is ever going to get a chance at winning the presidential race, his people better get a strong, catchy brand and phrase going ASAP.  Otherwise, the only branding he’ll ever have is “Mormon.” Sad for him, but that’s the way the American media and pundits have portrayed him. Not a word on his actual platform or past performance.  Well, okay a few words, but less than 10 percent I can safely estimate.

*Update: Mitt Romney did not win the presidential election.

Good luck to all the candidates everywhere!  Decide who you are and put it everywhere! Otherwise, others will define you and it won’t usually be pretty.

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